Shelter bar Schrödinger's Cat

the shelter bar “Schrödinger’s Cat”: now you see it, now you don’t



Bolshaya Dmitrovka St, 32, blding 1


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Opening Hours:

Tue-Thu: from 18.00 to 00.00

Fri-Sat: from 18.00 to 03.00

About bar

The winner of the BARPROOF Award in 2016 and 2018

Shelter bar Schrödinger’s Cat is lawfully considered the most mysterious bar in Moscow, there’s no other like it. The. The interior itself is full of puzzles and riddles. But after a couple of cocktails from the bar card structured like Mendeleev’s Periodical table, a keen observer will find the door to the next level – an even more enigmatic secret bar. Its counter is shaped like a crashed UFO, the walls sparkle with constellations and the guests are welcome to put on their music playlists.

Schrödinger’s Cat is meant to fire up any night-out, be it a loud party with friends or a romantic zest date with your significant other. Shelter bar is the key to an outstanding night – just dive into the atmosphere of a secret hiding spot and be adventurous. But make sure to book a table in advance: entrance is upon prior reservations only.

Shelter bar «Schrödinger’s Cat»-eng

Bartender Director

Andrey Kornilov

Elite award “Best Cocktail Menu 2016” (according to the “Barproof”) confirms that here, at Schrödinger’s Cat, exquisite cocktails are mixed by renowned professionals from the best genuine ingridients.

Today, the brand bartender of the Schrödinger’s Cat bar is Andrey Kornilov (Strelka Bar, Graf-in restaurant, Serbish Soulfood bar, Kitayskaya Gramota restaurant)

Menu and bar

Top positions

Cocktail Ligh on

In the common people – “Light Bulb”, a rather light, airy, bright fruit
Vodka, Becherovka liqueur, pear puree, lemon juice

Cocktail Granate

One of the strongest drinks
Bourbon, dark beer, currant liqueur, cinnamon syrup and lemon juice

Cocktail Robot

Served in a red robot
Pisco – unripe brandy made from nutmeg grapes, lemon juice and homemade spiced syrup made from nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla

Cocktail Gasolin

Served in a mini-canister for fuel and tastes like gasoline
Talisker Island whiskey with notes of shoe polish, resin and cherry ointment, in addition to whiskey, spicy Jamaican rum, ginger, honey and lemon

Cocktail Hulk

Only here in the bar you can feel like a real Hulk!
Silver tequila, green melon, green jalapeno and lemon juice

Cocktail Magnum

t the company, served in a bottle in the form of a gun, 0.75l
White rum, Campari liqueur and lemonade

Cocktail Cosmetician

You can mix it yourself in any proportion
Gin, sherry, cherry brandy liqueur

Cocktail Pandorat

Served in a closed box 11x11cm. When you open the box, a butterfly flies
ВVodka, tonic, lemon kordial and syrup

Cocktail Aladdin’s lamp

Cocktail with a light and bright fruit taste and aroma of lemongrass
Vodka, tonic, lemon kordial and syrup

Cocktail Ketchup

Author’s “Bloody Mary” on bourbon, with the addition of barbecue sauce
Tomato juice, salt, pepper, spices, lemon

Cocktail Bath

Vodka Raspberry, Lemon Cordial, Scarlet Juice, Orange Bitter

Cocktail Grocery trolley

Moonshine, sherry sream, Yegermeister, dark beer

Cocktail Django

Bourbon, lemon juice, thyme syrup, peach liqueur, sprite

Cocktail Noodle wok

Tequila infused with peppers, passion fruit puree, mango puree, cinnamon syrup, lemon juice


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Bolshaya Dmitrovka, 32, str. 1
5 min. from m.Chekhovskaya


Working hours:

Tue-Thu: from 18.00 to 00.00
Fr-Sat: from 18.00 to 03.00


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