Neon monkey

The Neon Demon: Neon Monkey is a Thai bar with summer cocktails, reasonably priced food and relaxing atmosphere.



Bolshaya Dmitrovka St, 32, building 2


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Opening Hours:

Tue-Thu: from 18.00 to 00.00
Thu-Sat: from 18.00 to 03.00

About restaurant

Neon Monkey

Neon Monkey is themed to be an underground bar in Sukhumvit area – the premier party street of Bangkok. A laid-back, buzzing atmosphere of Thailand is recreated here without excessive decor, minimized to funky lighting and an infusion of industrial metropolitan underground.


Neon Monkey specialises in Asia-flavored cocktails and good old down-to-earth Thai dishes.
The food menu came out balanced bearing all traditional Thai elements with minimum alteration form the chef. Neon Monkey offers several salads and starters, including crispy eggplants, “Bangkok” prawn salad, avocado & pineapple salad, a couple of soups – Tom Yum and Tom Kha plus variety of main courses – four types of rice and three kinds of noodles. This elegant and simple menu is exactly what you need for a quick bite around midnight, when you are in no mood for state of the art posch dishes.

Bar director

The bar card for Neon Monkey has 12 signature cocktails with Asian flavors: pineapple, grapefruit oil, banana, litchi, lemongrass foam, blue tea and Thai spices.

Some are served in highballs or elegant long leg glasses while the others – in ponderous ceramic cups or even monkey-shaped mugs, thus rightfully bringing to mind flamboyant tiki bars. When a bartender asks you about your cocktail of preference, you may go with the classic –Negroni, per say. But let’s agree on one thing: when in neon bar, switch to bespoke drinks. All the more these are perfect here. It’s time to forsake sophisticated drinks and let yourself go, enjoying a rum cocktail with banana liquor (at least for a while).

Menu and bar

Top positions

About the kitchen:

In a sweet salad with green and yellow mango, the chef also sends sweet peppers in a lime and peanut butter sauce. And in a papaya salad- are traditionally cashews.

In a shrimp salad with grilled pineapple the taste dictates Korean cabbage kimchi – a perfect combination. In the half of a huge pineapple, the chef serves hot fried prawns and avocado, plus Jasmine rice and chili pepper with hot and sweet sauce – a portion that could be overeaten.

Tom Yam soup chef cooks with shrimps and chicken, and Tom Kha includes enoki mushrooms, black tree and shiitake mushrooms, chicken fillet, lemongrass, cilantro roots and coconut milk. The chef serves beef with green curry and red curry with chicken fillet. The next section is devoted to the main Thai technology – roasting on wok – slightly, but crispy, hot, but the essence of the product remains unchanged. So Pavel cooks pork with vegetables in a marinade and a variety of dishes with Jasmine rice and egg noodles: noodles with shrimps and eggs in Siracha sauce with tree mushrooms, rice with chicken.

About the bar:

Bright Asia in every sip: juicy aromatics, verified mixes and ice cream and sorbets as accents. «Kwai de» (490 Rubles) a combination of light rum and yogurt shrub with banana and melon liqueurs and fresh pineapple added.

«Phu kin si kiu» is a gin with cocoa and orange liqueurs, plus ice cream from young peas. In the rest of the cocktails featured such magic ingredients as the foam of lemongrass, gin, flavoured with blue tea, and blue tea ice cream from blue tea, Tom Yam foam and pepper foam. And a lot of light rum, which perfectly emphasizes and sets off.

Tiger prawns with pepper

bell peppers, kimchi, red wine vinegar, honey


Moo Dad Dai

Pork with vegetables in soy-spicy marinade


Egg noodles with chicken fillet


Khau Phat

Shrimp, avocado, jasmine rice in spicy-sweet sauce. Served in pineapple.

Cocktail Lin Niyan

Curry shrab yogurt, light rum, banana

Cocktail Qui De

Light rum, yogurt shrab, banana liqueur, melon liqueur, pineapple

Cocktails Sea Fa Lae Kha Reng

Gin, Suze Blue Flavored Tea, Dry Vermouth

Cocktail Car Seid Sy

Light rum, lime, pepper foam

Cocktail Khe Rung Dum Ti

Light scrap, dry sherry, grapefruit oil


Visit us


Bolshaya Dmitrovka, 32 str. 2
5 min from m.Chekhovskaya


Working hours:

Tue-Thu: from 18.00 to 00.00
Thu-Sat: from 18.00 to 03.00


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