Family restaurant

My Crimea

“My Crimea” is an ambiance restaurant, a relax restaurant, a flight-of-fancy restaurant, a restaurant for the romantics who are eternally young at heart.


Narodnaya, 15

Average bill:

2000 rub.

Working hours:

Daily: from 12.00 to 23.00
Lunch: from 12:00 to 17:00

Most of us have our very own Crimea, which is part and parcel of our seaside memories.

It dates back to our childhood, to the happy student years, to the mature age what yearns for the calm of a seaside holiday. It is a weave of odours, flavours, memories and impressions.

Perhaps you went on bike rides along Cape Fiolent or spent your summers in Artek or went diving for mussels with locals and cooked your catch in seawater in a large enamelled pot over a bonfire or a burner, on the deck of a launch in the middle of Balaklava Bay, or fed mountain goats on the Kara Dag mountain with the bread you hoarded for this purpose.


The Chef Olga Morozenko pays homage to distinctive Tatar cuisine. For example, she bakes mussels in a cream sauce with saffron, cooks quince pilaf, fries goatfish lightly coated with lavender and cardamom, and decorates Tatar dishes, which taste bland to begin with, with Crimean herbs.

Echpochmak, patty’s and bread are also baked at the restaurant. The wine card is half-Crimean; it includes both familiar and rare wines, as well as local brands. Nearly all of them can be bought by volume. The bar offers cocktails and liqueurs with fresh fruit and fragrant Crimean herbs.


The menu puts you in mind of sunset suppers with a view of the evening sea, of mountain hikes, and reminds you of all the cultures that found their home in the Crimea. It is here that Tatar, Ukrainian, Greek and Russian cultures have all blended together and cohabit on two pages only: juicy vegetables, pies, freshly caught mussels, mutton sarma, aubergines, flounder, azu [fried meat stew Tatar style], to name but a few.

The restaurant’s interior is dominated by vivid and light colours, which is uncharacteristic of a city where winter lasts six months. On the ground floor are two halls: a blue one, with Black Sea waves dancing on the walls, and a cyan one, the home of Crimean swallows. Good lighting, high ceilings, comfortable armchairs, a lot of greenery do the trick — time here passes at a measured pace, as is often the case with resort holidays. The first floor also houses two banquet rooms.

Restaurant My Crimea is a joint venture of the restaurateurs Anna Shpak (Odessa-mama, Good Advice agency) and Vasilisa Volkova (SIDR Grupp). The restaurant seats 150 people. From late spring to mid-October the guests of My Crimea can bask in the warm sunshine on the wide terrace.


Restaurant "My Crimea"

Narodnaya 15

Working hoursSun-Thu from 12.00 to 23.00
Fri-Sat from 12.00 to 2.00

+7 969 040 77 88


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