Shelter bar

"Schrödinger's Cat"

The shelter bar “Schrödinger’s Cat”: now you see it, now you don’t


Bolshaya Dmitrovka 32, str. 1

Average bill:

1000 rub.

Working hours:

Tue-Thu from 18.00 to 00.00
Fri-Sat from 18.00 to 03.00

The shelter bar Schrödinger’s Cat can be safely said to be the most mysterious bar in Moscow, with no counterpart to be found anywhere else. The bar menu here reads like the periodic table, and the interior scenes harbour so many secrets and riddles that if you look hard enough, you can find a door to a super-secret bar where the bar counter is in the shape of a flying saucer, the walls show a projection of outer space, and you can play your own music.

The shelter bar Schrödinger’s Cat will definitely light up any, even the bleakest night out and will amaze your friends. Here you can stage any special occasion or have an intriguing date with your significant other. Delve into the atmosphere of mystery, get ready to have adventures, a night out in this bar will definitely be a far cry from any other. Bar admission is by reservation only.


If you still succeed in finding the entrance to the bar and opening the bunker door, you will find yourself in a corridor with 3 doors and 2 paintings on the wall. If you open all 3 doors, you won’t find the entrance to the bar, but if you give it a good think and find the secret button, then the wall will literally slide open, smoke will issue and you will be able to enter the bar.

The shelter bar Schrödinger’s Cat looks like an underground bar, a bunker, the interior features a lot of metal, peculiar lamps and a bar counter styled like a dashboard with flashing lights and transformers. Along the perimeter are leather couches and armchairs, comfortable tables with lamps that double as torch lights, which you can and should carry with you to move about. The barmen wear white coats because they are “research staff” at a secret laboratory where you can make concoctions and dream up new crazy cocktails.

The bar card features classic alcohol and house cocktails. In all, there are 22, as many as there are elements in the periodic table, and they are served in all manner of containers other than glasses. There is a cocktail called Lampochka [Electric Bulb], which glows; there is Grenade with a Pin; there is a cocktail called Burger, which you can drink and then eat, or the cocktail Ketchup, which justifies its name visually and tastewise.

Brand bartender

The elite award in the Best Cocktail Menu category of Barproof Awards 2016 is the cachet of originality of beverages, and the establishment’s barmen have been pronounced the best barmen in the industry.

Today the brand bartender of the Schrödinger’s Cat bar is Andrey Kornilov (Strelka Bar, the Graf-in restaurant, the Serbish Soulfood, the Kitayskaya Gramota [Gobbledygook] restaurant).


Shelter bar "Kot Shrodingera"

Bolshaya Dmitrovka, 32, str. 1

Working hoursTue-Thu from 18.00 to 00.00
Fri-Sat from 18.00 to 03.00

+7 905 718 76 78


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