Cinematograph Karaoke Bar

Cinematograph is a karaoke-bar in the style of a US cinema of the early 20th century. The name refers to the golden age of the cinema, when a visit to the cinema was a miracle, magic and enchantment


Ul. Rochdelskaya 15 s.[bldg] 10

Average bill:

2500 rub

Working hours:

Tue – Sat from 18:00 to 06:00

Cinematograph recreates the atmosphere of an abandoned cinema that has been given a new lease on life, with its old glamour retained. And this is not just a classyc interior design or music, but also a varied and almost theatre -like entertainment program for the guests. Night-time concerts and parties, private screenings, meetings with performers, presentations and fashion shows, and stage performances.


Vladimir Tezikov, Chef of Cinematograph, succeeded in fusing traditional dishes of European cuisine with his exquisite proprietary recipes.

A royal service in elegant white tableware, with heavy antique-style utensils, and sumptuous presentation of dishes will delight the guests with their taste and aesthetics.

Bartender extraordinaire

The centre of Cinematograph’s night life is a bar situated right at the entrance. The bar menu was devised by Andrey Kornilov (Schrödinger’s Cat, Neco Bar, Neon Monkey Bar, Vermuteria). His bar card features proprietary cocktails created according to the laws of mixology of the early 20th century.

Drinks are served as was customary in the last century, without ice or straws. Recipes and names from the history of the last century: Titanic Martini, 20th Century Fox.


The interior scenes feature designs from the best American cinemas of the early 20th century. The spirit and style of noble ruin is projected by a smoky red palette of the walls; the red velour of chair upholstery and the stage curtain; wood, leather and brass in the VIP box. Cinematograph’s space is partitioned into several rooms: four levels of the main space and an elevated VIP room. You can choose a place like in the theatre: in the “orchestra”, “in the box” or watch the other guests from the “paradise”.

Cinematograph has a full complement of complete package of the necessary equipment; there are plasmas along the entire perimeter; at the centre of the main room is a powerful cine projector, which is why the images on a big screen are always impressive, and the mood of the night is set by one of Moscow’s best promo teams: they set up a show, solo together with you, create a suitable mood and make every guest feel like a real star.


Karaoke "Sinematograph"

Rochdelskaya, 15, str.10

Working hoursTue-Sat from 18.00 to 6.00

8 926 277 98 77


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